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        Message from the President

        Welcome to the Homepage of Nanjing Chemical Construction Co., Ltd. Appreciate for your care and support.

          Nanjing Chemical Construction Co., Ltd. is a large scale comprehensive enterprise with project General Contractor Certificate, Grade One, and boasts of technology, project achievement, credibility and management experience. Facing harsh competition and challenge, NCC consistently implements her Quality Policy of “Meticulous Planning, Process Control, Good Service, Build Credibility, Higher, Newer”, hold high up her entrepreneurship of “Unit, Fight, Practical and Innovation” and by her excellent work teams, equipment and project management mode NCC has built over 600 plants of oil refinery, sulfuric acid, ethylene, fertilizer, pharmaceutical, pesticide, plastic, chemical fiber, municipal infrastructure, metallurgy, oil and steam storage tanks at home and overseas such as Iraq, Albania, Iran, Pakistan, Cambodia, Madagascar and Turkey, and others of infrastructure, building, decoration, earth work and water conservancy works. NCC ranks top level in construction industry in term of safety, quality, schedule, HSE and service. NCC is reliable partner to client.

          Looking forward to tomorrow, NCC will by scientific management provide clients with better and more excellent works and service in every respect. NCC expects to hold your hand and create our bright future. Wish our service will be your foundation for development.

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        Typical Projects